Beasts Of Cloven Hoof & Fiery Breath From Gary Hunt

April 22, 2013 by brennon

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For a bit more of a fantasy fix today Gary Hunt Miniatures have unleashed some beasts onto the tabletop. Check out the Clovis Command and Black Dragon, perfect targets for a group of would-be adventurers...

Clovis Command

Black Dragon

Gary Hunt came to my attention when he posted up one of his new Dwarf miniatures (naturally) and since then I have checked back regularly to see what he has to offer.

Once again I'm impressed with his offerings, especially the Black Dragon. I love the stance, as if it's suddenly been woken from slumber and is defending its clutch of eggs. The Clovis are also suitably barbaric and bloodthirsty in nature!

Will you be going with cloven hooves or flaming breath?

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