Become A Dungeon Boss With Legend Of Keepers Kickstarter

February 16, 2023 by brennon

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Art Of The Genre's Scott Taylor is coming to Kickstarter soon alongside the folks from Lazy Squire Games to produce a new 5th Edition RPG supplement based on the video game, Legend Of Keepers.

Legend Of Keepers - Art Of The Genre

Legend Of Keepers Kickstarter // Art Of The Genre

At the heart of this campaign is the idea of a reverse dungeon! Rather than you having to play as the heroes, delving deeper into the heart of an ancient dungeon in search of riches and rewards, you can instead take on the role of the monsters and fight back against these darn interlopers!

What Is Legend Of Keepers - Art Of The Genre

What Is Legend Of Keepers? // Art Of The Genre

Included in the campaign is the big new Legend Of Keepers book which features a whole host of customisable dungeons where you can set your adventures. You've also got the twelve Monster Bosses and the twenty-four additional 5th Edition Heroes which have rules from 2nd level through to 9th level.

The idea is therefore to have players and the Dungeon Master play around with the concept of a standard dungeon-delving adventure. You could have everyone playing as valiant heroes or as eager monsters. Or, you could mix things up and have players split into groups where some play as monsters and others as heroes! Maybe you could even mix things up in the middle of sessions and switch between the different perspectives!

I like the idea of switching things up and having the focus shift onto monsters and the structure of command that they use to control their domains. It adds some proper flavour to your adventures and turns them from "bags of loot" into living, breathing characters in your growing world.

Legend Of Keepers Pledges & Stretch Goals

As well as the book which offers up these novel ways to approach your roleplaying games, Lazy Squire Games has also worked on a mass of 32mm miniatures (either as STLs or physical miniatures) that can be used to represent the various heroes and monsters you'll come across.

Game Master All-In Pledge - Art Of The Genre

Game Master All-In Pledge // Legend Of Keepers

As well as the miniatures, you'll also find map tiles and terrain elements which can all be used to create some fascinating tabletops. It does seem like a solid "one-stop shop" for a Dungeon Master and their group who are looking to bolster (or start) their collection.

You don't have to go all-in with the big Game Master Pledge though. You can also dive in and pick up just the PDF option, snap up a set of STLs or get a portion of the treasure trove shown above. Again, they have designed this so that you get everything you need to dive in and get started.

As well as the core pledge, there are also plenty of Stretch Goals planned for you to dive into.

Stretch Goals - Art Of The Genre

Stretch Goals // Legend Of Keepers

With some fun ideas for shaking up the traditional D&D-style adventure with new game modes and a host of miniatures to enjoy painting, this seems like it could be a campaign worth keeping an eye on. The Kickstarter is set to launch on 21st February so watch out for it!

Could you be tempted to check out Legend Of Keepers?

"The Kickstarter is set to launch on 21st February so watch out for it!"

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