Build A Quick Map With TerraTiles Crytal Caverns From Rainn Studios

October 21, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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The great thing about RPG's is being able to use your imagination, but if you're anything like me, I still like to put down a little something to set the scene, whether it be a map or at least a picture to really capture the feel of where we are playing. Rainn Studios has a great new project on Kickstarter that can help do just that in a few seconds with the quick placement of a few tiles.

terratiles ks

Their TerraTiles: Crystal Caverns are double sided hexagon tiles with vibrant pathways for you and your adventurers to explore. With their hexagon shape, players get the ability to change up the look of their map, offering a nice level of replayability, keeping your game interesting.

terratiles all tiles used

This project offers several pledge levels including these beautiful tiles, the Misty Moor Tiles from their previous Kickstarter, and they have developed an RPG Campaign Box which comes with a Game Master's guide, map pads, adventure ideas & player suggestions as well as some basic terrain extras to add some 3D representation to your game - and crystals, of course.

terratiles rpg

Have you ever used tiles like this for your dungeon delving?

Will you be exploring the Crystal Caverns from Rainn Studio?

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