Chibi Evil Takes Over the Impact! Miniatures Kickstarter

October 4, 2012 by brennon

Some updates to the Chibi Dungeon Adventure Kickstarter from Impact! Miniatures. They have now turned to the dark side and shown off some concept art of the evil creatures that could be dwelling beneath the surface...

Evil Fighter & Shadow Demon

First up we have the Evil Fighter and the Shadow Demon. I'm looking forwards to seeing how the Evil Fighter looks when he reaches the model stage as I reckon to him being a favourite with a lot of gamers. Hopefully the Shadow Demon will stand up too!

Evil Minions

Then we have the evil minions that dwell in those dangerous dungeons! These look superb right now, I always love looking at foes for filling my dungeon. A goblin, kobold and potentially a bullywug there?

Will you be pledging to the campaign and grabbing some evil minions too?

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