Construct Your Next Dungeon Delving Hero from Paper!

July 31, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for some miniatures for a quick adventure but don't want to go through the stages of painting and converting one to your tastes then how about going down the paper route with Beasts & Barbarians from Okumarts Games...

Beasts & Barbarians Construction Set

The set uses a layering system within the downloadable pdf allowing you to mix and match bodies, heads and arms to create the adventurer you want. While it's no substitute for a proper miniature the comic book quality you can see above is pretty good.

Check out some of the different things you can make with their other ranges...

Cardstock Figures Example #1

Cardstock Figures Example #2

Cardstock Figures Example #3

There are plenty more sets for you to look over and download here too.

For something a little different would you go for this?

Have you tried paper heroes like this before?

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