Continue the Inebriated Adventuring in Drinking Quest 2!

October 2, 2012 by dracs

A while back, Ben wrote an article on Drinking Quest, a game which blends the style and gameplay of your standard fantasy RPG with the ever popular activity of getting sloshed. Well  it's time to grab your pint glass and sword once more in Drinking Quest 2: Yeddy Vedder's Yeti Adventure!

Drinking Quest

Drinking Quest 2 is a standalone game, meaning you don't have to have Drinking Quest to play it (although why you wouldn't want both of them I have no idea). It brings to the table four new quests for you and your fellow gamers to head off on and become happily legless:

Den of the Cat People: Are they cats? Are they people? Are they both? Why do some of them wear business suits? This quest has lots of cat puns and satire about consumerist culture!

City of Cheer: The City of Cheer used to be really lively and upbeat but in recent years a wave of DEPRESSION has washed over the city. This quest is sure to cheer you up if you're feeling blue. Plus it has the son of the guy named Chad from the first game.

Leprechaun Party: They're tiny! They're green! They drink like ogres ten times their size! Get out your Pepper Spray Wand to handle the rioting leprechaun hordes!

Minotaur's Maze Tavern: This quest is kind of menacing but honestly they haven't even put up all the dry-wall in the maze yet... moments of TERROR mixed with uncomfortable reminders of how boring your day to day life is. Also with an end boss that has a PERSONAL CONNECTION to one of the main characters.

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Drinking Quest Artwork

From all accounts Drinking Quest is a great game, even if you're like me and don't drink (though I'm hyperactive, so a couple of energy drinks has a similar effect. Weeeeee!).

This could be the perfect chance to expand upon your drunken adventuring, or even start off upon them for the first time.

Have you played Drinking Quest before? Just how drunk did you get?

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