Witchborn Corp Is Back On Kickstarter With Daughters Of Twilight

April 23, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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If you are a fan of RPG's and have not tried The Witchborn yet. you're missing out!

We've had the pleasure of talking with the guys from The Witchborn Corporation at previous Adepticons, and the world of The Witchborn is pretty amazing.

The Witchborn: Enter Perdition is a unique RPG experience that harnesses all the things you love about role-playing games and miniature games into one, fantastic package. And did we mention it doesn't require a GM?

That's right. Everyone gets to play and nobody has to take turns planning campaigns. The Witchborn mechanic is driven by AI through either iOS or Android and tells a unique story each time you game, as well as saves your progress.

They have been on Kickstarter previously for their core game, The Witchborn: Enter Perdition, and now they're back with their first expansion for the game, Daughters of Twilight. Daughters of Twilight features eight Reaper Bones Miniatures, introducing the Dark Elves, which not only look cool, bring with them a host of tricks.

Learn their shrouded history and the secrets of female-dominated enclaves. Recruit exotic Dark Fae like the carrion-eating Boggart, mimicking Fetch, or sinister Sluagh. Duel with sabres to dispatch dangerous foes, wield long-lost eldritch magick, and master the forgotten art of shaping living weapons and armour.

Pierce armour with the Deadly Bodkin. Fire lethal hand crossbows. Lend your Dark Elves prestige with Signature Armor designed just for them. And train the Cait Sidhe and giant orb-weaver to fight alongside your warriors.

What do you think about not having a formal GM for your role-playing game?

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