Cubicle 7 Lay Out Their Design Goals For New RPG System

March 29, 2023 by avernos

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The release date for Cubicle 7's new rule set for roleplaying games is still a long way off but the principles behind the design of the new C7d20 system have now been laid out to give an idea of what we can expect to see when it's released.

C7d20 Cover Cubicle 7 Entertainment

C7d20 // Cubicle 7 Entertainment

C7d20 is due to launch later this year with two core rulebooks a Gamesmaster's Guide and a Player's Guide.

The C7d20 Players Guide will provide the core rules for playing the game and making characters, including six brand new Classes, eight Species, Lifepath character creation, the core rules for playing the game, Talents, Equipment, dozens of new spells, and a collection of downtime activities.

The C7d20 Gamemaster’s Guide will offer GMs a suite of new rules modules that they can plug into their game, such as journey rules, options for non-violent conflict, rules for playing games of political intrigue, gritty survival rules, and much more. The aim of the Gamemaster’s Guide is to give the GM plug-and-play rules options they can use as the basis for a whole campaign, or as the need arises during adventures.

The design principles behind the system are to offer a complete set of rules that builds on a style of play that gamers will be familiar with coming from 5e. Class, Species, and a d20 base for gameplay will help guide the evolution of the game to allow the typical sword and sorcery adventures. But with an added focus on exploration, investigation, and the pauses between dungeon delving that Cubicle 7 loves to explore, and that should help drive stories that are more about the characters and less about hitting the next XP level.

The game will be compatible with 5e, and a conversion guide will support players and allow them to use their 5e content with C7d20 and this is where players and GMs come in.

Internal playtesting has already begun, but over the next weeks and months Cubicle 7 will be using surveys, quizzes and closed playtest to help get players input into developing the books.

If you would like to be involved in the C7d20 Playtest, please email [email protected] for more information.

As well as these two core books, they are already well into development on three more supplements. These books, along with Uncharted Journeys and Broken Weave, mean that C7d20 will launch with a total of 7 books.

As the fallout from Hasbro/Wizards ill-conceived plans seems to have quieted down we're now seeing a lot of companies' plans starting to be laid out for how they'll take their own rules forward and it will be interesting to see how the community will respond to these over time. The great strength was the cross-compatibility of books from a myriad of different publishers and hopefully that will not be lost with future publications.

If you're a 5e player and like what Cubicle 7 are doing then its worth your while to reach out and help shape the future now.

"we're now seeing a lot of companies' plans starting to be laid out for how they'll take their own rules forward and it will be interesting to see how the community will respond"

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