Cubicle 7 Reveal New Adventures & Options For Wrath & Glory RPG

March 9, 2021 by brennon

Cubicle 7 has been expanding upon the options for those adventuring and crafting adventures within the grimdark future of Warhammer 40,000. The set of releases for Wrath & Glory is Litanies Of The Lost which brings together four different scenarios for you to delve into. The latest of these is Vow Of Silence.

Vow Of Silence - Wrath & Glory

Vow Of Silence // Wrath & Glory

Vow Of Silence introduces the players Of Tiers One or Two to an investigation of heretical activity at a silent monastery. A murderous and unexpected guest arrives which could throw everything into disarray.

More options are also included in the larger Litanies Of The Lost supplement set throughout the Gilead System. As well as Vow Of Silence, you'll also be able to pick up Duty Beyond Death, Dark Bidding and Grim Harvest. You'll be investigating strange deaths and nightmarishly terrible events in the depths of the Pakthertius Servitor Manufactorum amongst other things!

Wrath & Glory: Forsaken System Player's Guide

If you're interested in exploring more options in Wrath & Glory then you've also got the Forsaken System Player's Guide.

Forsaken System Players Guide - Wrath & Glory

Forsaken System Player's Guide // Wrath & Glory

A wealth of new options are presented as part of this supplement which delves deeper into the Gilead System. The supplement is routinely updated and tweaked as a digital document but you'll also be able to pick it up physically later on this year too. Inside this book, you'll find...

  • Expanded information on the planets of the Gilead System, including optional backgrounds for Human characters.
  • Practical primers on the fractious Factions of the Gilead System, their hierarchies, and their relationships with one another.
  • Detailed accounts of the Patrons of the major Factions in the Gilead System, each of which has distinct Frameworks and mission ideas for your campaign.
  • Three new playable Species: Ogryns, Ratlings, and Kroot.
  • Twenty new playable Archetypes.
  • Optional rules for a system of downtime Endeavours to detail your characters’ exploits between adventures.

I also like seeing more options for players and I like that they've gone down the route of offering up the new Species like Ogryns, Ratlings and Kroot. I think a lot of folks would love the idea of playing as a deadly Kroot mercenary, especially after characters like the one in Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress.

There is a wealth of extra content for Wrath & Glory players out there so make sure to dive in!

"I think a lot of folks would love the idea of playing as a deadly Kroot mercenary..."

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