Cubicle 7 Take Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play To Lustria Soon!

March 7, 2023 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 have been teasing their next supplement for those enjoying Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. Leave The Old World and the Empire behind and take your chances in The New World and Lustria where riches and fascinating discoveries await!

Lustria - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Lustria // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

A new sourcebook is on the way that will come packed with all sorts of details on what it's like to adventure in Lustria and survive its many perils. Whilst gold and riches might await some, the likelihood is that a lot of adventurers heading to Lustria are going to be killed by poisonous plants, rampaging monsters or perhaps even the Lizardmen themselves.

Some have, defiantly, made a home for themselves in Lustria. The settlement of Skeggi is a good example. Founded by Losteriksson, this is a brutal place and yet still a respite from the unrelenting terror of the Lustria jungle.

Skeggi Art - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Skeggi Art // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

You just have to make peace with the fact that Skeggi is ruled with an iron fist and the Norscans there are outwardly worshippers of Chaos. Maybe some of that dark energy is what keeps the forces of Lustria at bay?

Enemies are all around you with warring factions seeking to plunder the jungles, Norse warriors ready to sacrifice you to their gods, the Lizardmen ready to keep you out of their sacred spaces and if that wasn't enough, the Skaven are also making themselves known!

Lustria sounds like an amazing place to set your next adventure, especially if you've already explored a fair chunk of The Old World.

Will you be keeping an eye out for this?

"Some have, defiantly, made a home for themselves in Lustria..."

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