Cubicle 7’s Broken Weave – 5e But Not As You Know It! The Best Twist On D&D Yet?

February 8, 2023 by brennon

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Gerry and Ben get to sit down with Elaine and Emmet from Cubicle 7 to discuss their new d20 5e game that is available to back on Kickstarter right now! Dive into the strange and uncanny world of Broken Weave where nothing is quite what it seems!


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Broken Weave sees you diving into a post-apocalyptic Fantasy world where you play warriors, sages and storytellers who are just trying to survive as the world warps around them. Face off against terrible beasts, explore forgotten ruins and try and keep your settlement alive as the shadows close in.

Could you be tempted to pick up Broken Weave from Cubicle 7?

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