Craft Twisted & Savage Cults In MÖRK BORG: Cult – Heretic

March 9, 2022 by fcostin

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Free League Publishing has announced its retail release for MÖRK BORG: Cult: Heretic. So if you missed the official Kickstarter and are keen on adding new fearsome and savage adventures to your main campaign with this expansion, keep an eye on your FLGS this April.

Mork Borg - Pre-Order

Heretic // MÖRK BORG

MÖRK BORG: Cult: Heretic is the newest RPG expansion making way to our tabletops, in the form of a zine. In a 60-plus A5-page tome of information, the zine collects and pulls in different ideas and articles to further enhance the ferocious and edgy world around.

Want to join a cult? Well, not in real life silly - those are not particularly recommended. However, in MÖRK BORG, spawning a hive of belief activity can be expected. The new zine will provide players with a chance to be a fearful leader of a cult, whether they want to outreach or hold a sanctuary in their spiritual home - there are several scenarios centred around the oppressive and dominant cult addition.

Along with the new adventures - some of which have been published on the MÖRK BORG website, and some exclusive to the zine - there are two new classes to investigate closer - "The bastard of a bard Sacrilegious Songbird and the Shedding Vicar, a fanatic preaching the skinless gospel."

The expansion zine is set to be released on April 12th, however, if you are pre-ordering - you can get your hands on the PDF for free sent over to you providing both a digital and physical format for players.

The Screen of Doom - Mork Borg

The Screen of Doom // MÖRK BORG

The first officially made GM screen for MÖRK BORG is here too - filled to the brim with quick in-game reference. Designed across five panels and printed with high-quality metallics and neons. Designed to face the hiding GM behind, there will be information galore behind this screen -  rules summaries, reference tables, equipment, combat, acting as a quick reference for in-game carnage.

Encased in a beautiful outside layer for the players to look at - they will find artwork depicting five different scenes and characters from the world in raw chaos - as expected.

So if you are quite content with the savagery on your tabletop with MÖRK BORG, and want to pimp up your GM or simply expand on new realms and reaches for adventure. Be sure to check out the official releases on April 12th.

Will you be growing your MÖRK BORG campaign?

"MÖRK BORG: Cult: Heretic is the newest RPG expansion making way to our tabletops, in the form of a zine..."

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