Delve Into The Halls Of The Mountain King With Fat Dragon

July 3, 2013 by brennon

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Hall of the Mountain King was the focus of a Kickstarter not long ago by Fat Dragon Games and it's now available through RPG Now. Check out some shots of the kit put together below complete with plucky adventurers!

Halls of the Mountain King #1

Halls of the Mountain King #2

Halls of the Mountain King #3

The set allows you to create a masterful underground empire forged by the best fantasy race of all, the Dwarves (you know I'm right!).

This set includes...

• Large pillars
• Broken pillars
• Dais and throne
• Giant Dwarven statue (2 versions)
• King's tomb
• Giant door/gate
• Ground tiles (gridless, 1" and 1.5" grid options)
• Brazier/fire stand
• Hanging gong
• Freestanding banners

...and is set for all your 28mm role-playing needs. This kind of terrain is easy to put together and allows you to transport it without too much hassle either! It will be fun seeing what people make of it and you could stage many an adventure in its depths.

I suggest checking out some more of the Fat Dragon terrain too as it could easily and quickly add character to an adventure.

What do you think?

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