D&D Translates Into Different Languages From September 2021!

June 15, 2021 by fcostin

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I have always considered myself quite lucky to be an English speaker. I have always had access to any tabletop game with no problems, as most publishers will manufacture their product in English as a first priority.

Dungeons & Dragons // Wizards of the Coast

I feel that the community suffering the most from the lack of diverse language content is the Role Playing Game community. The rich background, the monster manuals, campaign after campaign written solely in English.

The folks over at Wizards of the Coast have started to put wheels in motion, as in September this year, there are going to be some big changes worldwide for RPG players.

This September, Wizards of the Coast will roll out the first set of their translated products in four additional languages. Along with English, there will be French, German, Spanish and Italian. The products will be easily accessible to new players, as Wizards of the Coast will be providing the three core rulebooks, and the Essentials Kit translated over.

Dungeons & Dragons // Wizards of the Coast

The publisher has confirmed that from January 2022 onwards, the translated products will have a happy home in the quarterly release schedule, opening up the joy of RPGs for a wide community of people across the world. This will include their biggest releases to a fully international audience.

If you are in seek of one of the languages that are not being translated over, I am sure it will not be too far behind until you will be completely in the loop.

This is fantastic news for the Tabletop Community! We get to welcome lots of new people around the world to our weird and wonderful world that they have not had the opportunity to see beforehand.

Welcome to all! Cannot wait to see what adventures you all embark upon.

"This is fantastic news for the Tabletop Community! "

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