D&D Rules Expansions Set + A New Edition On The Way!

September 27, 2021 by brennon

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Wizards Of The Coast has been holding their D&D Celebration event over the last few days. This has seen many groups putting together play sessions and also plenty of previews of what's coming up next for Dungeons & Dragons. One announcement was for the new Rules Expansion Gift Set.

Rules Expansion Gift Set - Dungeons & Dragons

Rules Expansion Gift Set // Dungeons & Dragons

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The Rules Expansion Gift Set has been designed as the next step for someone who has perhaps picked up the core books and wants to move on to explore more options. It collects together Xanathar's Guide To Everything, Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything and also a new book, Mordenkainen Presents - Monsters Of The Multiverse.

Xanathar's Guide To Everything and Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything are great books packed with additional resources for players and Dungeon Masters. Monsters Of The Multiverse is entirely new and presents thirty updated player character races and a huge bestiary with 250 redesigned monsters and their accompanying statistics. Spellcasting creatures have been reworked to make them less hassle for Dungeon Masters to control and you'll also find new ways to add characters and quirks to existing NPCs and creatures.

Both versions of the set come in a slipcase but you can also get the alternative art version below with fancy new covers.

Rules Expansion Gift Set Limited Edition - Dungeons & Dragons

Rules Expansion Gift Set Alternative Art Collection // Dungeons & Dragons

This does look very fancy and has been designed as a nice gift set for the Dungeon Master who has just started out in D&D but wants to own something pretty. I like that you've got the two alternative Dungeon Master's Screens too featuring more stunning artwork from Wizard's rather deep pool of creators.

The Future Of D&D - A New Edition?

As well as the news about the Rules Expansion Gift Set, we also heard that Wizards Of The Coast are working on a new edition of the game for 2024. Well, it's more of a tweak to the existing mechanics.

The Future Of D&D // D&D Celebration

As featured in the video above (start at around the eight-hour mark) the team talk about what they want to do next. With a big anniversary coming up for the game, Ray Winninger talked about a new set of books coming to the tabletop which tightens, reworks and tweaks the rules they have been building on for the last few years.

Thanks to an array of surveys sent out to the community, the new edition will hopefully help to work out some creases in the system that need to be ironed out. They did say that everything that currently exists for D&D will be compatible with these new core books (so more of a 5.5 than a 6th Edition) so the basics of the game aren't going to be changing that fundamentally.

In addition to that, Wizards Of The Coast are also going to be working on bringing the Multiverse into play. That means exploring brand new settings and plenty of old favourites too. A lot of people are already hoping to hear more on Dragonlance and perhaps a rework of Dark Sun.

2022 will bring more information on how this new edition of the game is going to play out so watch this space for more!

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"...we also heard that Wizards Of The Coast are working on a new edition of the game"

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