New Dwarven Warrior & Shadowy Spellcaster In Scale75’s Tavern!

April 7, 2015 by brennon

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More mighty warriors gather to go on an adventure with Scale75's Wargames Fantasy Series which brings 35mm models to the tabletop for role-playing and more. See what you think of Khalgrim Stormhammer and Lisbeth the Shadowmancer. There's even a new 75mm model coming out too...

Made Of Stone

First off we have Khalgrim who brings together many facets of the Dwarven archetype and provides you with a well armoured and stern tempered Dwarf that would be perfect for a myriad of fantasy role-playing games.

Khalgrim Stormhammer (Front)

Khalgrim Stormhammer (Rear)

You could use Khalgrim as a Paladin, Cleric or Fighter in Dungeons & Dragons for example and he would look pretty perfect in all of those roles. I love the fur work on the cloak as well as the leather effect they have going on painting wise. Twin this with the massive hammer and the intricate beard and you've got a winner in my books.

Strike From The Shadows

Coming in to support Khalgrim from range with her spells we have Lisbeth the Shadowmancer who could be painted up to represent a Mage, Warlock, Sorcerer or any variety of spellcaster you could come up with.

Lisbeth the Shadowmancer (Front)

Lisbeth the Shadowmancer (Rear)

I think she's wearing a pretty awesome outfit although she does have some problems with the front of her top it seems. It would be interesting to see what someone could do to cover up her midriff with some green stuff and sculpting work to make it look like a full suit of leather armour instead.

Despite that clothing choice, as I say, I think the sculpting is great and I even like the warped and twisted wand/staff that she has too. I reckon with the right paint scheme Lisbeth could even be a Druid.

Graceful & Deadly

Last but not least is an addition to their Fantasy range in 75mm which is the Elven Archer Thenidiel Autumnleaf. You can check her out below...

Thenidiel Autumnleaf (Front)

Thenidiel Autumnleaf (Rear)

While not entirely useful to anyone on the tabletop as a practical playing piece (unless everything was in 75mm) she provides painters with an excellent opportunity to work on painting light skin (or maybe Drow skin if you so fancied), leather armour, cloaks (with plenty of shading) or even a bit of free hand if you wanted to take that outfit to another level.

Imagine the leather with little swirls and knot work to represent the trees and a cloak made of small leaves and other intricate woodland patterns. It would be awesome!

What do you think of Scale75's offerings?

"I even like the warped and twisted wand/staff that she has too. I reckon with the right paint scheme Lisbeth could even be a Druid..."

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