Embrace Your Draconic Nature In Fireborn From FFG

March 6, 2013 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have a selection of interesting Role-Playing Games in their catalog and Fireborn is one that seems to have slipped through the net. Check out a little more about it below...

Fireborn Logo

"As magic seeps back into reality, each scion begins to awaken to his true, and sometimes terrifying, nature. Beset by visions of fire and blood, these scions discover that they each possess the soul of an immortal dragon from an age long forgotten. The scions come from all walks of life, and players design both the background of their scion’s human and draconic sides."

Fireborn Artwork

So playing as a scion imbued with the power of an ancient dragon? Sounds pretty fantastic and something that would be worthy of the dark world of White Wolf!

Another thing that makes this a game worth looking at is that the setting is our very own British city of London.

You can grab both the Game Masters Guide and Players Guide from RPG Now and Drive Thru RPG for a pretty reasonable cost and hopefully the mechanics match up with the awesome sounding background.

Have you tried Fireborn?

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