Witness The Era Of The Beast In Age Of Sigmar Soulbound

June 15, 2022 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 is continuing to follow the unfolding narrative of the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar wargame with an upcoming Soulbound supplement. Mighty heroes (and villains) will be able to dive into Era Of The Beast very soon!

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Soulbound - Era Of The Beast Cubicle 7

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Soulbound: Era Of The Beast // Cubicle 7

Era Of The Beast opens up the options for your adventurers to explore more of what the Realm Of Ghur and Thondia have to offer. With Kragnos raging across The Mortal Realms, this seems like a perfect time to introduce more mighty foes for you to face and creatures that can fight by your side.

Included within the pages of this tome you'll find...

  • A complete retelling of the Broken Realms saga
  • Advice on playing and running games during the Era of the Beast, and how the emergence of a new god (and the rise of a goddess!) have affected your character
  • Detailed information on Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, gives players a whole new realm to explore!
  • Ten new Archetypes to play, including the Hurakan Windcharger of the Lumineth Realm-lords, the Knight-Relictor of the Stormcast Eternals, and the Mulusai and Khinerai of the Daughters of Khaine.
  • A new Species, complete with their own Archetype — the Draconith, bitter enemies of Kragnos!
  • Over a dozen new stat blocks for the Kruleboyz give GMs a deadly new foe to unleash on their players.

So yes, that means more on Kragnos and the resurgent Morathi plus a whole bunch of new character types. I like that we're getting the dour Knight-Relictors of the Stormcast Eternals in particular, and the Mulusai and Khinerai of the slithering and backstabbing Daughters Of Khaine.

Also. The Draconith?! With their own Archetype! I think I might be utterly sold on the idea of playing a freckin' dragon! I also have to doff my cap to the stunning cover art by Clara-Marie Morin!

Are you going to be snapping this up for your campaigns?

"I think I might be utterly sold on the idea of playing a freckin' dragon!"

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