Experience The End Of The World RPG With Fantasy Flight!

September 5, 2014 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games are taking you to the brink with The End of the World Role-Playing Game which all starts with a Zombie Apocalypse which is of course all kinds of awesome...

The End of the World Role-Playing Game

The game sees you playing through a variety of different scenarios that could end our world. Maybe it's a Zombie Apocalypse, the Wrath of the Gods or an Alien Invasion, each of them is just perfect for a role-playing adventure. The big twist in the format though is that in this role-playing game you don't play a mighty elven hero or surly soldier. You play yourself.


Sea Gods

When making your character to begin the story you take your own negative and positive qualities and apply them to your character. What you have on you at the time and what's around you in a friends house is your equipment and you have to survive with what's around you in the 'real world' meaning that you'll have a variety of very different starts if you do this in different places and different countries.

Here in the UK imagine trying to find at least one gun to protect yourself! Would be pretty hard! In America on the other hand maybe you know a guy down the street who has a fairly nice gun collection!

As well as the actual point of apocalypse there will also be a stage where the post-apocalypse arrives and you'll have to work out how to survive in a changed world.

This sounds awesome!

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