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June 7, 2022 by fcostin

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Why do I always feel like I am talking you all into an adventure into the woods? Because most of the time I am, the wide world of fantasy is incredible. If you as a DM have found yourself wanting to utilise your environment in your upcoming 5E campaign, Herbarium on Kickstarter brings players a menu of whimsical botanical goodness straight into a wild and natural adventure.

Herbarium A Botanical 5th Edition Supplement

Herbarium A Botanical 5th Edition Supplement // Fez Inkwright

Herbarium brings home fictional plants and combines them with their folklore and mythology references as properties. and encourages the player to design their own too. It includes a whole scope of new subclasses which have been inspired by creatures dwelling within the natural world.

Fez Inkwright's passion alongside the TTRPG community has come alive through each page of the supplement, containing 60 different plants, containing special properties to pair with your adventures. Bringing foraging opportunities in a dark and whimsical environment to craft potions, items, poisons and concoctions aplenty!

Herbarium Preview - Fez Inkwright

Herbarium Preview // Fez Inkwright

Alongside the different foraging and beneficial opportunities with the plants, that have been picked and plucked from the green. Players will gain access to 100 pages worth of content which will contain adventure seeds, bringing custom-written stories in the fantasy genre. With subclasses to explore, NPCs to engage with, extra quests and creatures to meet along the way. Plus some items to add to the list!

There are only two pledges as part of this campaign, and they are both digital. The first gives you access to the content to be sent via PDF, and the other provides players with something a lot more bespoke with a personalised design embedded. There are stretch goals available during the campaign too, if you are after some digital wallpapers of the artwork, extra adventures, extra art, new subclasses and new magic.

There are 25 days left on the clock, and the goal has already met its target. Quadrupling the initial goal and sending players wild into some new adventures into the woods with Herbarium.

What do you think of Herbarium? 

"Herbarium brings home to fictional plants and combines them with their folklore and mythology references as properties..."

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