Fragged Empire – a New Post, Post – Apocalypitc RPG

June 29, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Fragged title

While perusing the Kickstarter site, I came upon a new RPG by Wade Dyer, called Fragged Empire. If you like movies like Alien or television shows like Firefly or Farscape, then this is the game for you (and you are in good company).

Fragged rule book

Fragged Empire is a tabletop RPG based in the post, post-apocalyptic period. The races that survived the epic chaos are now jostling for their positions in the existing world. There are 4 races to play: the Corporation, the Kaltoran, the Legion and the Nephilim.

Fragged races

The Corporation is a purely capitalistic race that exist solely as a corporate entity. The Kaltoran have the genetic memories of their ancestors, including their war struggles and hardships, and are trying to establish themselves as survivors. The Legion are a very physically imposing race that have aligned themselves with the corporation as enforcers for hire. The Nephilim are a genetically created race that are very primal and often violent, that are constantly seeking genetic perfection through technology.

Fragged art

This RPG offers the usual player development with some additional cool twists. You can build and customize your own weapons, equipment and spacecrafts.

Feel like an RPG into the future?

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