Fria Ligan & Modiphius Release Forbidden Lands RPG On The World

December 8, 2018 by brennon

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Fria Ligan and Modiphius have now released the long-awaited Forbidden Lands RPG which was previously available on Kickstarter not long ago. The Core Set and a new Campaign Book are available for you to snag!

Forbidden Lands Core Set - Fria Ligan

This is an awesome looking game world which is ripe for exploration and encourages you to delve further than you would in normal role-playing Fantasy games. There's dungeon delving aplenty but there's also much more besides to be unlocked here.

"In this sandbox survival roleplaying game, you’re not heroes sent on missions dictated by others – instead, you are raiders and rogues bent on making your own mark on a cursed world. You will discover lost tombs, fight terrible monsters, wander the wild lands, and if you live long enough, build your own stronghold to defend."

All of those things sound immediately awesome to be and it might be something I have to look into in much more detail. Included with the Core Set you'll find...

  • Hardcover Player’s Manual with faux leather covers, including rules for fast character
    generation, visceral combat, lethal magic, dangerous journeys and for building your own stronghold – easily be ported to other game worlds.
  • Hardcover Gamemaster’s Guide with faux leather covers, including a rich and detailed
    description of the Forbidden Lands setting, a large illustrated Bestiary, extensive random encounters, and three complete adventure sites.
  • The Legends & Adventurers booklet, that lets you flesh out your characters and give them unique backgrounds.
  • A large full-colour map, that gives you the freedom to explore the Forbidden Lands any way you want, hex by hex.
  • A sheet with stickers for adventure sites and gravestones, transforming the game map to a living, permanent record of your adventures.

Fria Ligan has done amazing work with Tales From The Loop and more in the past so there is a real pedigree here and a lot of potential. As well as that, there's a new campaign book to go along with the Core Box.

Raven's Purge

If you want to follow up your adventures with something new for a group, or maybe something to begin your tales in Forbidden Lands with then there's also Raven's Purge.

Forbidden Lands Raven's Purge Campaign Book - Fria Ligan

"Raven’s Purge is an epic campaign module for the Forbidden Lands RPG, written by acclaimed fantasy author Erik Granström. Raven’s Purge is not a linear story and it has no set goal that the adventurers are expected to follow. Instead, it is a rich tapestry of legends, locations, characters and events that the players can interact with in a multitude of ways."

This sounds awesome too and I love the artwork on the cover too! I mean, who wouldn't want to take on a fiery knight in blackened armour or face down a pale sorceress with a raven feather cloak?!

This and much more in terms of accessories are available over on the Modiphius Webstore. This is probably the place to look if you want some nice themed dice, cards and a screen to hide behind when you're being mischievous as the DM.

Are you going to be taking a trip into the Forbidden Lands?

"...who wouldn't want to take on a fiery knight in blackened armour or face down a pale sorceress with a raven feather cloak?!"

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