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May 29, 2013 by dracs

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Mind's Eye Theatre, the Live Action Role Play rules based around White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade hasn't received a new book for many years, but that changes now with the help of Kickstarter!

Mind's Eye Theatre

By Night Studio's are looking for funding to get a new edition of these LARP rules out into the world. The game, which allows players to engage in the dark atmosphere and intrigue of the classic pen and paper game, has gathered something of a cult following with fans all over the world dressing up as children of the night and masquerading as the masquerade.

Mind's Eye Theatre Art

So what can we expect to see from such a book? Well here's the info from the Kickstarter itself:

  • All the clans. All the bloodlines. All the disciplines. This is a complete game, containing everything you need to enjoy Vampire The Masquerade in one of its most thrilling formats.
  • streamlined character creation system that is quick, yet comprehensive.
  • A new cinematic yet mathematically-balanced rules system developed specifically to support the story and style of a live action environment for Vampire The Masquerade.
  • Detailed settings for Camarilla, Sabbat, and Anarch games, with custom rules designed to enhance the story of each setting.
  • Gorgeous new full-color art that faithfully depicts this dark and decadent world.
  • Support, guidance, and advice for Storytellers, covering everything from how to write plots, run engaging scenarios, or personalize a setting for your chronicle. Learn how to manage a chronicle in a world where players want to play 24/7 and to customize your setting for the story you want to tell in your chronicle.
  • brand-new NPC creation system that allows you to quickly create allies and antagonists at the challenge level required for your chronicle.
  • new equipment building system that allows storytellers to quickly recreate any real world item (such as weapons, equipment, and vehicles) required for the chronicle.

So some pretty interesting stuff which looks to remain true to the origins of the game and rules.

Mind's Eye Theatre Art 2

I am something of a fan of LARPs and a big fan of Vampire the Masquerade, so I am excited to see that these rules could be becoming more prevalent again. After all, there is something undeniably stylish about the setting of Vampire the Masquerade.

Mind's Eye Theatre Players

Though at sometimes it can be, shall we say, a little less stylish.

Mind's Eye Theatre Players 2

Will you join the Masquerade on Kickstarter? What clan would you choose to join?

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