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September 9, 2021 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine has once more teamed up with the folks from Wizards Of The Coast to create a range of releases to suit their upcoming book release. With The Wild Beyond The Witchlight coming soon for Dungeons & Dragons fans and Feywild fanatics, there are miniatures and more on the way.

Valors Call - Gale Force Nine

Valor's Call // Gale Force Nine

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We start off with the miniatures! As is the case with a lot of these releases, the miniatures represent the sort of characters that you might want to play and/or bump into when you're playing through these adventures on the tabletop. For example, here you have a bunch of the named characters who have tracked the dastardly League Of Malevolence to Prismeer and are seeking aid from helpful heroes. That means you!

Talking of the League Of Malevolence, here we have said creepy folk!

League Of Malevolance - Gale Force Nine

League Of Malevolence // Gale Force Nine

These villains have joined together for nefarious means and are all seeking that one elusive treasure, power! Fighting under the Sorcerer, Kelek, they might all have very different end goals but they now find themselves working together for mutual benefit. I particularly like Warduke who feels like the ultimate "old-school D&D villain" of the lot.

The Feywild is no normal realm though and you will certainly run into some strange characters on your journey. Perhaps you'll make an acquaintance with the Hourglass Coven?

Hourglass Coven - Gale Force Nine

Hourglass Coven // Gale Force Nine

This is a coven of three great hags, each with a focus on the past, present and future. They loathe each other's company but occasionally will come together with two of them partnering up to scheme against the third. There is always plenty of scheming when it comes to hags and villainy.

If you're interested in finding out who is behind the scenes then you'll want to pick up this set for Zybilna & Iggwilv.

Zybilna Iggwilv - Gale Force Nine

Zybilna & Iggwilv // Gale Force Nine

Zybilna is the Archfey who presides over the lands of Prismeer and will grant wishes to those who need them in their time of need. There is always a catch, however. You also get another powerful figure in the form of Iggwilv. She is another of the Archmages who has adopted hags and the Hourglass Coven as her sisters. You can see the resemblance.

There is a splash of fantastical whimsy to be found within this collection too. Here we have the rather awesome-looking Harengon Brigands!

Harengon Brigands - Gale Force Nine

Harengon Brigands // Gale Force Nine

Whilst they aren't the most fearsome foe that you will encounter within the Feywild, they could be the most troublesome. These rabbit-folk range thee woods of Prismeer looking for travellers to rob of their goods. Their leader, Agdon, uses his magic scarf to dart in and around his foes, pilfering their goods as he goes. You'll also find rules within the new book for playing as these creatures in your games of D&D so watch out for that!

Dungeon Master's Tools

As well as a host of new resin miniatures for you to pick up, you'll also find a new DM Screen available to snag soon.

The Wild Beyond The Witchlight DM Screen - Gale Force Nine

The Wild Beyond The Witchlight DM Screen // Gale Force Nine

This pack comes with a themed screen (as you can see above) which contains specific rules for the various domains you'll explore on your journeys. The pack also comes with a set of maps like the one below which will be handy references for the players.

Carnival Map - Gale Force Nine

Carnival Map // Gale Force Nine

I absolutely love giving out maps and such for the players to pour-over. I think it adds to the universe you're exploring and means that they are concentrating on the tabletop rather than their phones. They might often spot something and wonder about exploring it opening up all manner of avenues for storytelling.

All of these miniatures and such are going to be available for you to snag from Gale Force Nine around November and December this year. So, as the cold dark nights close in, crack out a new adventure and have some fun with D&D.

Are you going to be picking these up?

"These rabbit-folk range thee woods of Prismeer looking for travellers to rob of their goods..."

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