Grab Some Choice Role-Playing Heroes From Ulisses Spiele

February 6, 2013 by brennon

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If you're looking for a new hero to make a mark in your next adventure then how about this pair from Ulisses Spiele which come from their world of Schicksalspfade. Yeah the site is a little confusing...

Schicksalspfade Swordswoman

Schicksalspfade Crossbowman

Both miniatures look very well detailed and the sculptor has adopted a more TRU-Scale feel with them. This leads to some more realistic proportions on the models and I reckon they would fit into any role-playing game of your choice.

If someone is able to read German maybe they could help in deciphering this site for others!

More importantly though, what do you think of the miniatures?

Let me know below.

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