Grab New Modiphius Conan Accessories For Your Role-Playing Games

November 15, 2017 by brennon

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Modiphius has added some new accessories to their webstore for you to snap up when playing your Conan role-playing adventures. It kicks off with the Games Master Screen.

Conan GM Screen

As you might imagine it not only offers up the level of secrecy you need when you're plotting against your players but it looks rather swish too. On the other side, it also features tables and reference material for you to keep abreast of during your games.

Map Tiles

The big thing for me, however, was seeing their awesome map tiles which you can use if you like to drop miniatures into your role-playing games.

Conan Tiles #1

The tiles cover a variety of different locations including the Dens Of Iniquity & Streets Of Terror, the Perilous Ruins & Forgotten Cities, Fields Of Glory & Thrilling Encounters and finally the Forbidden Places & Pits Of Horror.

Conan Tiles #2

Each of them comes with areas marked out on them for ease of play in both the role-playing game and the Conan board game too but not in such a way that they'd take away from the beautiful artwork that adorns them.

Conan Tiles #3

As you can see here they have also been using some of the models from the Conan game in order to show off the game with some miniatures involved. Whilst you can get miniatures appropriate for Conan from a load of different places the ones from the Monolith game sure do look rather swish.

Will you be picking up some of these tiles?

"The tiles cover a variety of different locations..."

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