Take On the Horror of War in EPOCH War Stories

September 10, 2013 by dracs

The horrors of war are given a whole new dimension of terror as Imaginary Empire have released a new supplement for the RPG EPOCH, detailing five survival horror stories a war time settings. Get ready to tell a few War Stories.

EPOCH War Stories

This supplement can be bought at Drive Thru RPG and contains the following five scenarios:

  • Plunge into the darkness and the horror that lurks beneath the trenches of the Western Front in FROM ABOVE AND BELOW.
  • Brave the hostile climate and freezing forest in a brutal struggle for survival during the Russian invasion of Finland in THE COLDEST WINTER.
  • Join the well-meaning Home Guard of the British village of Blakely to secure the wreckage of a German bomber in HOME FRONT.
  • Report to the world on a suspected secret weapons facility and uncover an ancient terror during the invasion of Iraq in MASS DESTRUCTION.
  • Explore the humid jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of a U.N. Mission investigating reports of a massacre in BEHIND THE MASK OF EVIL.

Having never played EPOCH I don't know how the rules fair, but its focus on horror is something which intrigues me as horror games often turn into the most interesting and immersive stories. The war time setting also allows for some cool stories. Both war and horror stories tend to focus heavily upon characters, meaning the two genres interplay well with  one another.

Have any of you played using the EPOCH system? What are your thoughts in this series of adventures?

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