Explore The Iron Kingdom RPG Strangelight Workshop Soon!

July 3, 2024 by brennon

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Steamforged Games are going to soon be launching their campaign for the Strangelight Workshop, an Iron Kingdoms RPG standalone game looking into the occult and the otherworldly investigations of the Iron Kingdoms universe that plays host to the likes of Warmachine.

Iron Kingdoms Strangelight Workshop - Steamforged Games

Iron Kingdoms: Strangelight Workshop // Steamforged Games

The campaign will be coming later this month and is compatible with 5th Edition D&D. This is the same for the other Iron Kingdoms releases of late so should be familiar to others diving into the Iron Kingdoms as a roleplaying game. Strangelight is different however in that is explores the eerie side of the Iron Kingdoms and has you play as a team of field agents sent out to solve supernatural investigations.

Strangelight Workshop Book - Steamforged Games

Strangelight Workshop Book // Steamforged Games

Here's some more background on the Strangelight Workshop and what awaits you once you crack into this tome...

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to assemble a team of field agents. Armed with peculiar prototype technology, quick thinking, and unorthodox methods, you'll delve into paranormal case files that range from the bizarre to the downright deadly. When someone has a strange problem, you’ll have an even stranger solution."

The Kickstarter will focus on the new Core Book packed with awesome ways for you to get investigating. You'll find new Classes and Ancestries to play as, a unique Character Essence System, new Haunt Mechanics, Spells and Gear. There are also going to be Case Files for you to dive into and characterful miniatures for you to use when representing your heroes.

I would say that now that Steamforged Games are working on the Iron Kingdoms RPG, this seems like a prime time for them to work on Epic Encounters boxes specifically for this universe. That could be very cool indeed.

I will also note that you should really read their Blog Post on the upcoming Kickstarter. There are some strange things going on with the text that you could decipher.

Will you be backing this campaign?

"The Kickstarter will focus on the new Core Book packed with awesome ways for you to get investigating..."

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