Join the Death Watch and Explore the Space Hulk Mortis

February 4, 2013 by dracs

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Space Hulks. Floating derelicts in the reaches of space. Infested with all manner of horrors and xenos creatures. Sounds like the perfect setting for Fantasy Flight's Deathwatch doesn't it?

Death Watch - Ark of Lost Souls

This new supplement for the great RPG Deathwatch brings you a three part adventure which sees your Kill Team boarding the Space Hulk Mortis Thule in an attempt to uncover the sinister mysteries it holds.

On top of these three adventures, the book also contains rules to help GM's generate their own unique Space Hulk to set you exploring. So finally you can take on the role of the Space Marines in the ever popular board game. Though hopefully you won't die so easily.

Are any of you Deathwatch fans? Will you get this for your games?

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