Join Robin’s Band Of Merry Men In The New RPG Now On Kickstarter

February 3, 2017 by stvitusdancern

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Have you ever dreamt about banding together and taking from the rich to give to the poor while wearing tights and running through the woods? No, I am not talking about that movie comedy, but a new RPG that is making an appearance on Kickstarter, Hood: Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood.

In this new RPG from the creators of the Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes, you can now play as Robin Hood or any of his band of Merry Men. How about Little John, Friar Tuck or Will Scarlet to name a few?

What makes this RPG stand out is the use of a Story Dice Pool where you choose which attributes you will use to help complete actions within your adventure.

The game features:

  • A Swashbuckling Stunt system where you name each and every one of your attacks, defences, and actions! Improving all 3 after every session.
  • A Story Pool system that works skills, professions, virtues, vices, traits, equipment, and stunts into each and every roll.
  • An Icon Die that features Robin, Marian, and the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • Pluck and Swashbuckling Momentum rules to perform feats of Derring-D0!

I think this is a unique mechanic that will add to the flavour of the game.

This is how you would go about building your Story Dice Pool:

  • Pick one die from your skills or professions, whichever skill or profession you plan on using.
  • Take one die from either your physical traits or your personality traits.
  • Pick a virtue or vice that’s affecting this roll and pick out that die.
  • Define your actual stunt. If your stunt is already listed use the two dice associated with that stunt. If this is a brand new stunt, pick up 2d4.
  • If you are using a tool or item with your skill, take the appropriate die for that.
  • Pick up an Icon Die and roll everything. Any dice that comes up as 4s or higher are successes. Any rolled 1s, 2s, and 3s, are failures. Count the number of successes and compare that number against the difficulty or the opposed roll of the target.

This sounds like it could make for an awesome night of adventuring, my only question is who would be Little John? Justin, Lloyd or John?

Are you ready to take up arms against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham?

" can now play as Robin Hood or any of his band of Merry Men."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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