Kickstarter Brings You a New Technological Tabletop

August 23, 2013 by dracs

Technology is starting to have more and more of an impact upon our favourite hobby and now a Kickstarter has appeared to help us bring our roleplaying games to the touch screen!

3D Virtual Tabletop

This app will allow players easily play out their tabletop games on their touch screen devices, providing a variety of different environments and player cards with which to act out your fantasy and sci-fi adventures.

3D Virtual Tabletop Alien Attack

3D Virtual Tabletop Trolls and Bugbears

3D Virtual Tabletop Undead Dragon

The app accurately recreates the tabletop gaming experience, allowing you to easily move your figures around the map while the touch interface will let you zoom and change perspective to wherever you wish.

The 3D Virtual Tabletop came to Kickstarter to help establish its multiplayer function and has since gained over 300% of its original funding aim!

This has allowed the creators to bring in other options such as a version for web browsers, condition markers and other options to help in keeping track of your game.

3D Virtual Tabletop Silhouette Shaped Miniatures

With the success this Kickstarter project has been enjoying we should hopefully expect to see even more stretch goals being realised, meaning that we could be getting such goodies as chat options, dice and status tracking, so that in the end we will be able to fully transfer our adventures to the virtual setting, allowing for long distance gaming with others.

3D Virtual Tabletop Stretch Goals

What are your thoughts on the increasing influence of technology in tabletop gaming?

If you want to get to grips with this app be sure to head to Kickstarter and pledge your support.

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