Learn About Character Creation In FFG’s End Of The World

October 30, 2014 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games are embracing The End of the World with their new role-playing game that puts YOU in the driving seat. Sure you can make characters based on whoever you'd like but how would you go about making you in a game? See some more of the details of character creation in the game here...

The End of the World - Zombie Apocalypse

Character Stats

The game appears to draw heavily on the style of statistics you'd see in World of Darkness games with Physical, Mental and Social being the overriding groups split down into subgroups within that. During character creation you'll split your points between the various sub-groups and then the rest of your team will vote on whether or not your statistics are accurate or not - making sure you don't let that ego rise too high.

After that you'll have the chance to add both a positive and negative feature to each of your groups allowing you to customise yourself and also come up with some interesting in-game effects. As you can see in the character card above they chose 'gets hungry quickly'. I can imagine that being quite the pain for the rest of the survivors in an apocalypse.

You'll see that in his physical features the player has also got two negatives. This was because the group voted to up the players starting stat in dexterity. He would either have to forfeit his positive feature or take another negative. Essentially this balances out spending where you might have an advantage over others.

The system is simple and very succinct which I like. This opens up a lot more room (without seeing the full rules of course) for you to be very imaginative with your actions in game and pushes the emphasis onto thinking over just looking at a stat and rolling the right number to 'hit x creature for x'.

I will be interested to see more on this game!

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