Serve The Corps In ALIEN RPG’s Operations Manual

August 19, 2021 by fcostin

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The Alien RPG has had some incredible feedback since its initial release from Free League Publishing. Being granted several awards since 2020, the role-playing game immerses players into the cinematic universe emulating the events within the ALIEN franchise. Whether players want to embark on a cinematic adventure or embed themselves into a fear-filled campaign - the world's surface is barely scratched and now is the time to get involved.

It is now time to grow this fearful adventure, as the new Colonial Marines Operations Manual is now available over at Free League Publishing, as players immerse themselves further into the corps taking a seat comfortably as one of the heroic marines.

Colonial Marines Operations Manual // Alien RPG

"Welcome to war on the razor edge of space, marine—where nukes are yesterday’s news, pulse rounds are cheap and a human life is only worth its weight in stock options. It’s a living hell—but none of that’s as bad as the flashes of gnashing metal teeth that terrorize you every time you try to close your eyes—like some monster just split your head open and crawled inside your dreams.

Sometimes you’ve gotta wonder what the hell it’s all for.

But no one pays you to ask why, only to follow orders. You’re just a grunt—no offense. So lock and load your pulse rifle, marine—you’ve got a job to do. Protect and serve the citizens and colonies of the Outer Rim colonies—no matter what the cost."

Colonial Marines Operations Manual Artwork // Alien RPG

The Colonial Marines Operations Manual does exactly what it says on the tin. Want to become a marine and be prepared for almost anything - get your head stuck in that manual! The bursting-at-the-seams book provides a whopping 252 pages, providing players everything they need to get started in their own campaign as part of the Corps.

The manual takes a detailed perspective over many aspects of the game, whether it be looking into deep lore and backstory, how to crate your very own marine, implementing weapons and vehicles into your campaign, information on The Frontier War before flying out, different factions, missions available, and end-game information.

Although the manual does provide players with the information needed to embark on their own fun-filled campaign, the core book is needed for players to maximise and use this book in-game.

Have you played the Alien RPG yet? Has anybody had any strange creatures pop out of their chest yet...?

"Want to become a marine and be prepared for almost anything - get your head stuck in that manual!"

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