Pray To The Gods Of The Starfinder RPG Universe

June 11, 2017 by brennon

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The folks at Paizo have given us a sneaky look at three of the Gods from the world of Starfinder, their new role-playing game with a Sci-Fi twist.

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The details below were put together by Robert G. McCreary, the senior developer behind the game.


PZO7101 Eloritu_SF God

The Hidden Truth - N god of history, magic, and secrets

Worship of the mysterious deity Eloritu was already well established throughout the galaxy when the species of the Pact Worlds first ventured into space. Eloritu teaches that unlike science and technology, only magic can supersede the restraints of the laws of physics.

Technology is generally designed to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible, but magical practices should be deliberately obscure, requiring dedication, training, and a mastery of secrets that have been passed down for untold generations.

Eloritu believes that history is both the story of the past and a guide to the future, and he teaches that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

One of Eloritu’s most obvious mysteries is that of his holy symbol: a ring of six strange magical runes. Today, the Pact Worlds have managed to identify four of Eloritu’s six sacred runes, all related to magical traditions of different races.

What strange cultures might understand the remaining two—or what secrets combining all six might reveal—remains anyone’s guess.

Some believe that since the Gap and the fate of Golarion rank among the greatest secrets of the universe, Eloritu must have had something to do with both, but if so, that is just one more secret that the god keeps carefully hidden.


PZO7101 Hylax_SF God

The Forever Queen - LG goddess of diplomacy, first contact, friendship, and peace

Before the Swarm became the monolithic hive mind of devastation that it is today, its members followed a goddess named Hylax. When the Swarm rejected all individuality for the collectivity of the hive, however, it abandoned Hylax as well.

Hylax chose not to interfere with the Swarm’s development, but she always hoped her children would return to her. Eventually, the Forever Queen’s patience was rewarded when the shirrens broke from the Swarm’s hive mind and became individuals once more, rediscovering their ancient patron in the process.

Though Hylax is traditionally a deity of hive creatures, she’s paradoxically fond of individualism, and encourages her followers to seek strength in community but recognize and embrace their individual value.

Hylax knows that peace is a better state than war and that friendship is more rewarding than hostility. She teaches her followers to consistently use diplomacy in their dealings with others, to constantly strive for fellowship and harmony, and to always seek allies rather than conquest.

But Hylax also realizes that sometimes diplomacy fails and that the peaceful must sometimes defend the innocent. There’s nothing wrong with failing to achieve peace—the moral imperative is simply to make the attempt, no matter how difficult or distasteful it might seem.


PZO7101 Oras_SF God

Agent of Change - CN god of adaptation, evolution, and natural selection

The galaxy is filled with a vast number of complex life forms, most of which evolved over countless generations from simple organisms to their present state. All life undergoes change, whether through genetic drift, mutation, natural selection, or direct manipulation.

If these changes are viable and successful, then the new entities thrive; if not, they end. This is the course of evolution, and Oras embodies this intricate process, from the tiniest genetic mutation to the extinction of an entire ecosphere.

Oras itself is the product of this progression, having evolved from some elementary organism to an unimaginably sophisticated god of change.
Evolution is far from a random process, however; it occurs in response to environmental pressures, and Oras teaches that life forms can create their own pressures to influence their evolution.

Oras’s faithful believe that adaptation and evolution are the natural response to any stimulus, whether harmful or beneficial. The only way to truly experience existence is to constantly change, to explore new horizons, and to deliberately reshape one’s self—mentally, physically, or spiritually—to address any conflict.

Oras’s worship is popular on the gas giants of Bretheda and Liavara, whose natives long ago evolved conscious control over their physical forms.

So, does this make you more interested in diving into this game world?

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"The details below were put together by Robert G. McCreary, the senior developer behind the game..."

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