Modiphius Return Us to the Classic RPG Mutant Chronicles!

March 22, 2013 by dracs

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I come bearing good news for all fans of sci-fi carnage and chaos as Modiphius, the guys behind the great Achtung! Cthulhu have announced that they will be rebooting the classic RPG Mutant Chronicles!

Mutant Chronicles

"The Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition RPG is a full rewrite of the best elements of the popular 2nd Edition rules that the fans know and love, and utilizes d20’s combined with a fresh approach to the core systems. Modiphius wants to let players experience the incredible breadth of adventure possible within the universe from investigations of the Dark Symmetry, cults, and corporate conspiracy to the Corporate Wars and desperate battles with the Dark Legion. For the first time taking the game into space, players will have the freedom to roam the solar system aboard a range of spaceships, create their own companies, engage in corporate conspiracy as well as the typical smash and grab missions." - Modiphius Announcement

Mutant Chronicles Art

The first in this new series of releases, Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry, will hopefully be appearing in the Autumn of this year and will take players back to the beginning of Mutant Chronicles, allowing you to play out the iconic moments of the game's timeline.

Mutant Chronicles Banner

We are really excited to see Modiphius behind this. With the spectacular work they have done with Acthung! Cthulhu they are sure to do this classic game justice. There is a kickstarter planned for sometime this Autumn, so be sure to keep an eye for more news on Mutant Chronicles.

Mutant Chronicles certainly seems to be making something of a come back lately, with the kickstarter for the miniatures game Mutant Chronicles Warzone by Prodos Games still running, having gained over twice their initial funding target.

Mutant Chronicles Dark Legion

Mutant Chronicles Cybertronic Everassur

Thanks to this kickstarter we could soon be experiencing the world of Mutant Chronicles both as our own RPG characters and in command of a force of miniatures! This will be great as we can then explore the stories through both mediums of the game.

Hands up whose excited! Will you get playing Modiphius' Mutant Chronicles? Will you support the kickstarter for Mutant Chronicles Warzone?

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