Official Cowboy Bebop RPG Incoming From Don’t Panic Games!

October 13, 2021 by fcostin

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Tabletop RPGs are growing! We are no longer limited to game worlds to access, tap into and take in all the wonders and opportunities these fictional universes have to offer. Whether it be sci-fi, pulp, fantasy or even horror - there are plenty of choices out there ready for exploration.

Cowboy Bebop - Image One

Cowboy Bebop RPG Logo // Don't Panic Games

Anime-inspired tabletop RPGs are beginning to be more and more popular as time progresses. With the recent announcement of the Last Airbender RPG on Kickstarter along with other tabletop RPG titles not based on established franchises such as OVA, Glitter Punk and Exalted. The demand is up, and the next popular anime title is making its way onto the tabletop.

Cowboy Bebop is getting its own official RPG from the French publisher, Don't Panic Games. As players head to the tabletop to survive out in the incredibly popular Cowboy Bebop universe as bounty hunters in space and it is heading over to Kickstarter in 2022.

Don't worry, like me, you may be protective over your favourite TV shows, movies or books. But this isn't Don't Panic Games's first rodeo in the world of anime. Having previous board game releases for titles such as Naruto Ninja Arena and Attack on Titan: The Last Stand, these may not be invasive role-playing adventures, but this is not the first time dipping into anime-inspired titles.

Cowboy Bebop - Image Two

Character Artwork // Cowboy Bebop RPG

If you headed over to SPIEL in Essen this year, Don't Panic Games will be attending, and have confirmed a leaflet presentation exclusively at the event. So be sure to take a trip over the Don't Panic Games booth 2D115.

If the Cowboy Bebop RPG is up your street, we may need to wait sometime for any more announcements given that the Kickstarter will be live early days next year, but you can have your say in the future of the title in playtesting. By signing up to the newsletter here, lucky players will be selected by the Mana Project Studio Team to playtest the system prior to release or crowdfunding - but if you are not selected you will be updated on the progress of the RPG straight to your email.

What would you like to see from a Cowboy Bebop RPG? 

" By signing up to the newsletter, lucky players will be selected by the Mana Project Studio Team to playtest the system prior to release or crowdfunding..."

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