Osprey Games’ Gran Meccanismo RPG Now Available!

August 23, 2022 by brennon

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Osprey Games has now released their newest roleplaying game. This one offers up a bit of an alternative-history twist on things as you dive into the swashbuckling of Gran Meccanismo!

Gran Meccanismo - Osprey Games

Gran Meccanismo // Osprey Games

Here's the background to this new roleplaying game from Mark Galeotti...

"It is the Year of Our Lord 1510, and one has to wonder how differently history could have played out if Niccolò Machiavelli, the military commissioner of the Republic of Florence, had not understood the true scale of Leonardo da Vinci's genius. In such a world, the visionary might simply have wasted his time painting portraits of women and doodling in a sketchbook. Instead, he unleashed a technological revolution where primitive computers, decorated with delicately painted cupids, run on water clocks; spring-powered tanks whir across the battlefield, cannons thundering from their flanks; and gliders flit across perfectly blue Tuscan skies."

It is certainly a very fun consideration when it comes to designing a fun roleplaying game! In that sense, you'll be diving into Renaissance Italy and exploring places like Florence as nobles, mercenaries, inventors and artisans. Maybe you'll even find yourself coming up against the likes of Machiavelli or "the dangerous charms of Lucretia Borgia".

The book details how to play the game using d6 as their die of choice and also delves into the alternative history put forth in Gran Meccanismo. You'll also find ways to craft interesting and diverse characters and ways to tell different stories of political intrigue, swashbuckling adventure or perhaps even a bit of both.

Are you going to be checking out Gran Meccanismo?

"Maybe you'll even find yourself coming up against the likes of Machiavelli or "the dangerous charms of Lucretia Borgia"..."

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