Otherworld Miniatures Provide the Guardians of Barrowmaze

January 23, 2014 by dracs

Barrowmaze is a classic Mega Dungeon for dungeon delving adventure games like Labyrinth Lord and other such fantasy RPGs. recently, it headed to IndieGoGo for Barrowmaze Complete and Otherworld Miniatures will be providing the models.


Barrowmaze Box

Otherworld Miniatures have been making great classic style miniatures for a while now, so their sculpts should match perfectly with the classic RPG style of Barrowmaze.

We have just been given our first glimpse at one of the models they are making for it; the Barrow Guardian.

Barrow Guardian

Sculpted by Andrew May, these Barrow Guardians are excellent models, posing pouches and all.

The quality shown on these sculpts makes me hopeful for the others we can hope to see, which apparently include a Ravenous Zombie, Tomb Robbers and Juju Zombies. I don't know what Juju Zombies are, but they sound fun!

Will you be heading to IndieGoGo to delve into the Barrowmaze?

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