New Pathfinder RPG Miniatures from Reaper

June 21, 2011 by atomsmasher

Reaper Miniatures released four new figures in their Pathfinder RPG line, and I think they look pretty great. Miniatures meant for RPG gaming can always be so interesting and unique because you don't need a whole squad (or a whole army) of them.

First we have Grey Gardner (sculpted by Patrick Keith) and Velmarius Elazarin (sculpted by Julie Guthrie):

Also released were the Serpentfolk Warrior (also sculpted by Julie Guthrie) and Nyrissa, Dryad Queen (sculpted by Derek Schubert):

In my mind, if you're looking for miniatures for your role-playing games, Reaper is easily one of the best. So much diversity and great character. And their Figure Finder is great when you just need a male halfling holding a gun and wearing a hat!

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