Play As The Monsters In Through The Breach Expansion

December 17, 2020 by brennon

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Through The Breach is the roleplaying game by Wyrd Games which is set within the twisted world of Malifaux. In its newest expansion, From Nightmares, you will actually be able to play as the "monsters" from the world of Malifaux and take on the role of one of the Neverborn.

From Nightmares - Wyrd Games

From Nightmares // Through The Breach

Within this supplement, you'll find the options to play as a Mimic, Nephilim/Half-Blood, Woe, Nightmare or maybe something else entirely. Maybe you want to play as an entire group of these creatures who are looking to make their mark on the Malifaux world? Maybe you want to work together with traditional characters in order to right some wrong?

Either way, there are a lot of options to choose from within these pages including a new Talent pool which is called Gifts Of Darkness. You've also got a new set of Pursuits and Advanced Pursuits which help focus your attention.

Pursuits - Wyrd Games

Pursuits // Through The Breach

The different Pursuits break down into this list here. I always like options like this in roleplaying games as they help to aid you in your roleplaying...

  • The Boogeymen stalk and watch from the shadows, using fear and observation to bring down their targets.
  • The Harrowed are devoted to protecting those they consider part of their community or tribe.
  • The Manifester can make a simple thought a reality, creating physical objects from their own nightmares.
  • The Cutthroat reads their enemies like a book and wear them down with parrying until an opportune time presents itself to strike back.
  • The Breachburned dwell partly in the physical world and in the aether all around us, using magical anchors to bind segments of magic for a short time.
  • The Behemoth prefers to let their natural strength and heavy weapons do the talking.
  • And Painkillers walk a thin line between life and death, as each drop of blood spilt drives them into a violent frenzy.

This book also includes plenty of options for Human players as well so if you've been wanting to try something different in your Through The Breach games then you now have an additional cupboard full of resources to draw from.

Denizens Of Malifaux - Wyrd Games

Denizens Of Malifaux // Through The Breach

It's always fun putting a twist on the action during your roleplaying games and perhaps taking on the role of the "enemy". Malifaux is such a diverse and fascinating world already that throwing this into the mix just adds to the fun you can have.

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"Malifaux is such a diverse and fascinating world already that throwing this into the mix just adds to the fun you can have..."

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