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May 3, 2013 by brennon

If you're looking for some deadly foes for the dungeon you just planned then how about the creeps from Frog God and Center Stage Miniatures' newest Kickstarter Campaign, Tome of Horrors?

Tome of Horrors Monster Collection

They have already bust through their original target and unlocked the monsters above which as you can see are certainly very strange! Perfect for a very weird and wonderful dungeon.

All of these creatures are from the Tome of Horrors Complete and are cast in metal giving them an old school feel. We know how much you guys prefer metal! Take a look at some other monsters that are yet to be unlocked...

$14,500 Monsters

$20,000 Monsters

$25,900 Monsters

$29,500 Add-On Goal

I'm very much interested by the prospect of more dragons so if they get to that point it will be fun to see what they do with the artwork when it comes to sculpting.

The artwork we've seen so far is very representative of the old Fighting Fantasy style and certainly echoes the role-playing games of yesteryear.

What do you think of this campaign?

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