Realm Runner’s Beautiful Achroma Card Game Hits Kickstarter

February 8, 2023 by brennon

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Realm Runner Studios have arrived on Kickstarter this week with their card game, Achroma. This beautifully illustrated and quick-to-play card game looks like a fascinating project to dive into and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the world they have created.

Achroma - Realm Runner Studios

Achroma Kickstarter // Realm Runner Studios

In Achroma, you and your friends will dive into a proper card game duel as you look to reduce your opponent to zero shards or get yourself to thirty shards! Decks come in many different flavours where light-side Achroma decks are focused on gaining shards whilst dark-side decks are more interested in draining and/or stealing shards. Pesky!

This Kickstarter provides you with a great way to dive into Achroma and pick up decks for the game if you've missed out previously. It's a nice one-stop-shop for everything Achroma essentially!

How To Play Achroma

Gameplay is quite straightforward and whilst you can do deckbuilding and the like, the Kickstarter features pre-constructed "palettes" which allow you to dive into the game. Each deck has its own theme and style of play and focuses on telling a particular story within the realms.

Card Game - Achroma

Card Game // Achroma

The game's rules are available for you to read HERE and you can watch the video above for more information on Achroma. When it comes to the look of the game, Matt Vince has been behind the artwork for the world of Achroma and the actual feel of the components in the game mirrors the lovely art. Everything is at the higher end when it comes to quality.

More From Achroma!

The card game features the use of an app which can be used to track your Shards during gameplay but there are also a bunch of additional bits and pieces coming out too. For example, there is a Companion Adventure App...

Companion Adventure App - Achroma

Companion Adventure App // Achroma

...which is a choose your own adventure style affair. There is also a roleplaying game that you can dive into (they have gone whole hog into this!) that allows you to dive deeper into the five realms and learn more about the background behind the card game.

Roleplaying Game Book - Achroma

Roleplaying Game Book // Achroma

When it comes to all-encompassing entries into a new world, I can't think of many that have done as much as the folks at Realm Runner Studios. It is well worth diving into the Kickstarter to find out more about all aspects of Achroma and what awaits!

Will you be checking out this Kickstarter?

"It is well worth diving into the Kickstarter to find out more about all aspects of Achroma and what awaits!"

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