Roll20 Takes Online Table Top Gaming to the Next Level

June 4, 2012 by dracs

Have you ever tried role playing a game of D&D over Skype? Sometimes it can be a real pain to get everything sorted and the lack of a shared dungeon to move your minis around means its never quite as good as when your playing as a group. But that is all changing with the new Roll20 virtual tabletop!

Roll20 Art Library

Roll20 started as a Kickstarter project, but has now been successfully funded and will has entered a closed beta stage.

The program brings you a new and adaptive way to play your tabletop games online, with text and voice chat to help you and your party interact with one another.

Roll20 videochat

It also offers a wide range of art options and even sound tracks to help immerse you in your game.

Roll20 textchat

The system can also be adapted for use with a wide variety of role playing games, meaning you won't be limited in how you play.

But that's enough of me blathering on, watch the video and see for yourself.


We just received word that Roll20 is entering into its open Beta stage today, meaning you can now take it out for a test run.

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