Take Your RPG To The Next Level With TABLEWAR’s G.E.O. Mats

September 21, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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And you thought F.A.T. Mats were cool before, just wait until you see what TABLEWAR has come up with now!

TABLEWAR is live on Kickstarter right now with their G.E.O. Mats project. G.E.O Mats, aka Gaming Environment Overlay, are fantastically transparent gaming surfaces to use for your role-playing games and more. The G.E.O Mat allows you to quickly transform your standard F.A.T. Mat into a grid base surface.

You can easily help set the perfect scene for your game while keeping the flexibility to draw and write on the playing area.

The GEO Mat is made of special 0.5mm thick transparent GEO plastic with the grid printed directly on the back-side (the downward/tableside).

The GEO mat lays flat but rolls up for storage and transport (which is one of my favourite things about their F.A.T. Mats). I think what impressed me most was seeing them deliberately crease the plastic and when unfolded, it's like it never happened!

You can draw and write on the G.E.O. Mat with both wet erase markers and grease pencils, allowing you to wipe away the gaming evidence to play again another day.

geomats hex

At this time, there is a standard, 1" square grid on the G.E.O Mat, but there's a hex option in the future for stretch goals.

You can also choose to purchase just the G.E.O. Mat or G.E.O. Mat bundle that consists of a G.E.O. Mat and F.A.T. Mat. Naturally, you can get any of these combinations in either 3x3 or 6x3, leaving you plenty of options for different sized games.

But wait, there's more! TABLEWAR has stepped it up yet another notch with the introduction of new options for double-sided F.A.T. Mats. This is brilliant!

We all know how tight storage space can be for all our gaming goodies and this way you can have two mat options on one mat, minimizing the space and maximizing your options.

What do you think of TABLEWAR's clever answer to maximizing your playing surface?

"G.E.O Mats, aka Gaming Environment Overlay, are fantastically transparent gaming surfaces to use for your role-playing games and more..."

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