Stand Alone Minis Presents Some Stand Out Solo Figures

February 18, 2013 by brennon

Stand Alone Minis is a new company that should already have you gripped when you see the models below. There isn't a lot more to say other than check them out and let the shiny syndrome take over...

Solo - The Last Mariachi

The Old Master

Dark Future Anti-Hero

Each of these figures stands at around 35mm scale so while they don't fit into the typical gaming set-up they should be perfect for use in role-playing games.

Above are The Last Mariachi, inspired somewhat by Slash it seems from Guns & Roses. Next up is the Old Master who is my personal favourite as I think they have done a superb job on his muscles giving him that 'anime' fighting game feel. Finally we have someone you might recognise in the Dark Future Anti-Hero but I can't imagine from where.

Which is your pick of the bunch?

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