Take Your First Steps in Star Wars with the Edge of the Empire

September 20, 2012 by dracs

Not so long a go, in a galaxy where you are currently living...

If you have ever dreamed of taking to the stars and fighting against the might of the Empire now is your chance. Fantasy Flight have announced that they are releasing a box set beginner game for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire to get you started role playing in the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

This game is designed to ease players into the mechanics of role playing in the rich and vibrant Star Wars universe while also providing an entertaining game play experience.

The box set certainly provides you with plenty of goodies to get you gaming.

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Game Contents

The box set provides players with an introductory story to play their way through, designed to gradually introduce them to different aspects of the game's mechanics.

It also provides the players with four pre-generated and comprehensive character portfolios to play as: a Wookie mercenary (raargh), a Droid colonist, a Twi-Lek bounty hunter and a human smuggler.

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Character Portfolios

These pre-generated characters are, to my mind, particularly useful to new players, as they are also provided with a detailed character background and information on their various reasonings and relationships within the story. This will provide players with a better idea of how to go about playing their character and help them to find what style of character they most enjoy playing as.

All in all this beginner set looks to provide gamers with a good introduction into role playing in the world of Jedi knights and clone troopers. As well as providing a good introduction into Star Wars roleplaying, the comprehensive nature of the game means it could easily be a good portal into rpg's to those new to this style of game. Maybe this could be a game to try out with your gaming group.

Will any of devotees of the force be picking up this beginner's set from Fantasy Flight Games? Remember, however you game, may the nerdom be with you.

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