Tracy & Laura Hickman Bring Skyraiders RPG To Kickstarter Soon

September 10, 2021 by brennon

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Tracy & Laura Hickman have announced their first new Fantasy world since that of Dragonlance. A new 5th Edition compatible world is on the way to Kickstarter soon, Skyraiders Of Abarax!

Skyraiders Of Abarax - racy & Laura Hickman=

Skyraiders Of Abarax // Tracy & Laura Hickman

We haven't heard much more about this at the moment but it certainly looks like a fun world from the artwork (above). Tabaxi and Dragonborn types are in the mix which is neat and with a name like "Skyraiders", I'm hoping we get lots and lots of airships.

As well as offering up a brand new Sky-high Fantasy world the team have mentioned how this is going to be brought to life through a new and unique "Living Tome System". What that means, I'm not sure, not I would hazard a guess at a living rulebook system through digital releases and stories being developed and added as things grow. The Hickman's are storytellers after all.

Make sure to check out Skyraiders on Facebook and Twitter too. I am certainly interested in how this plays out!

Are you going to be diving into this?

"...this is going to be brought to life through a new and unique "Living Tome System""

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