Crush Your Foes With Up In Arms For Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

March 11, 2022 by brennon

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More awesome expansion books are coming to the tabletop from Cubicle 7 for those playing in The Old World with Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. Up In Arms is a new book for those wanting more information on martial characters.

Up In Arms - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Up In Arms // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Inside this book (featuring art from the talented Sam Manley), you'll find loads of options for Gamemasters and players exploring the sword n' board side of The Old World and Warhammer. This adds more variety to the already colourful swordmasters and swashbucklers of Warhammer Fantasy.

  • A discussion of the Cult of Myrmidia, giving the most comprehensive guide yet published to the beliefs and practices of those who worship the Goddess of Strategy.
  • Soldiers of all Stripes, detailing the experience of the rank-and-file members of the Empire’s glorious state troops, and providing new careers such as the handgunner, halberdier, and greatsword.
  • A history of the role of mercenaries in the wars of the Old World, including background and rules to support playing Tilean Characters and other dogs of war.
  •  A guide to the renowned knightly orders of the Empire, with options for joining secular orders, templar chapters, or going it alone as a freelance knight.
  • An expanded list of weapons and armour, from basic arms such as swords and axes, to exotic specialised equipment such as weighted nets and pavises.
  • Rules for taking cover within vehicles and buildings — and counterpart rules for blowing vehicles and buildings up with devastating artillery.
  • Detail on the employment of hireling NPCs, including a system for generating individual quirks and work ethics.
  • Optional and additional rules covering new Endeavours, alternative approaches to Critical Injury, mounted combat, uses of Advantage, Pursuits, and Talents.

I am particularly drawn to the idea of including options for playing Tilean characters and other Dogs Of War. That could lead to some fun new options for players and storytellers! The addition of more hireling rules is neat too, allowing those of a weaker persuasion to perhaps pay someone to fight for them.

More options are always good when it comes to roleplaying games as they all aid in telling bigger and better stories.

Are you going to be Up In Arms when this releases?

"This adds more variety to the already colourful swordmasters and swashbucklers of Warhammer Fantasy..."

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