The Vampire’s Codex RPG has Risen!

October 12, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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With all the talk about vampires on today's Weekender and the in depth discussion they were having, I thought it would be apropos to bring up this new Kickstarter project called The Vampire's Codex RPG by 20 Eyes Entertainment Inc.

The Vampire's Codex

This RPG is set in a modern gothic noir and hoping the cover does not indicate what is inside, however according to the games author's these vampire's do not sparkle (thank goodness)  and get back to what vampires do best blood and death. You can play as a Vampire Fledgling,  Fiend Hunter, or as a Mortal Acolyte.

Their unique twist to the the game play is that there are no dice used in the game, but coloured tokens that each player would draw out of a bag, the colour of the tokens relates to percentages of success. Another foundation of the game is the Covenants, this is the spoken and written languages of the vampires' that has been passed down through the generations. Within this Covenant there is the Chant mechanic and the Illumination mechanic. It is with these that Fledging Vampires can develop special abilities or gain important and powerful objects

I will be watching this to see how it develops. With this time of year being the "season" of the vampire this might be the RPG for one to explore what is on the other side of darkness. So Sam watch out for those deep dark shadows, for one does not know what lurks there.

Are you willing to take a bite?

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