Meet More Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Patrons Of The Old World

May 13, 2021 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 has been adding more colour to The Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. Patrons Of The Old World II offers up four new characters for you to meet during your adventures throughout The Empire.

Patrons Of The Old World Part II - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Patrons Of The Old World Part II // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Each of the characters presented here come with their own plot hooks that could take your heroes off on different adventures. As well as offering up the chance to start adventures, these characters might end up helping or hindering you during your endeavours. The characters included in this supplement include...

  • Wilhelm Von Vaulk: A once mighty Wizard, Wilhelm was struck low in battle with a half dozen Orc Shamans. The spark of magic snuffed from his soul, Wilhelm would do anything to get it back — failing that, he will settle for revenge.
  • Angela Hedamme: A mysterious wise woman of the woods, Angela once held a position of influence in the Empire as a trusted midwife to the great and the good, until a premonition of ruin sent her scrabbling for solutions few would countenance.
  • Bryannah ‘Der Breikase’ Rosendorn: A fish rots from the head down, and there are few so rotten as the Empire’s Nobility — at least in Rosendorn’s view. She will strike at them, wring a new order from them, even if she must wade through a river of blood to do it.
  • Diel Ulricsson: The great churches of the Empire are corrupt, and even those who have escaped the taint of Chaos preach heresy. Diel has seen Sigmar’s truth, and it guides him now to strike the wicked from the world. Lift the hammer and follow in the path of Sigmar’s chosen.

Every party needs a good patron to help them get started and these all sound very interesting indeed. I particularly like the idea of exploring the story behind Wilhelm Von Vaulk. If this set of patrons hasn't caught your eye then you've also got Patrons Of The Old World I too!

Patrons Of The Old World - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Patrons Of The Old World // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Here, you have another four patrons for you to choose from...

  • Scealleah ‘Shelley’ Thorncobble: A cunning investigator desperate to shout from the rooftops the most insidious taboo of the Empire — that a species of loathsome ratmen gnaws at the very roots of the Old World. Shelley would have the attention of the great and the powerful, but has she already drawn less welcome interest?
  • Farforian Whiteshore: The longest-serving Elf diplomat to the Empire, some say that Farforian has grown bored of diplomacy. He sends any Asur who happens by on often sensitive diplomatic errands in his stead, often to mixed result. But Farforian is subtle, and there are hidden depths to the Elf’s machinations — and to Farforian himself.
  • Nayadaryn ‘Bonemonger’ Frostweald: Orphaned and set adrift in the world, the Eonir Nayadaryn Forstweald seeks to recover the pilfered ancient relics of Elves. In doing so, Nayadaryn has taken on the moniker of The Bonemonger, and with it built a criminal empire to rival any in the Old World.
  • Guttra Morbinssniz: A talented actress and enthusiastic bon vivant, one tryst too many saw Guttra spill blood that was all too real. To escape the ire of her enemies Guttra fell in with one Jaan van de Kuypers, purportedly the richest man in the Old World. Guttra chafes beneath the yoke of servitude, and in pursuit of her freedom, she may set all of Marienburg alight.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to start off a new adventure, or perhaps a chance to add a sidequest into the mix, these two PDF supplements seem like a good idea. With a few more options like this, you can start to populate your towns with interesting folk that you haven't come up with on the spot!

New Adventure - Something Knocking

As well as the Patrons Of The Old World supplements, the folks at Cubicle 7 also recently released a new adventure called Something Knocking.

Something Knocking - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Something Knocking // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

Here is how this adventure gets twisted and wound into the developing adventures of your heroes...

"Something Knocking takes place on just such an artery of trade and trouble. A band of pirates has been the cause of a great deal of trouble along a stretch of the river, and strange phenomenon has been linked to their activities. The Characters may have to form an unlikely alliance and dip into the murky waters of folklore and magic to solve a mystery and bring the reavers to justice."

This seems like a good option for those following the Death On The Reik storyline. Maybe they are following the storyline and threads that lead from Altdorf to Bögenhafen during Enemy In Shadows? If you're interested in checking this out then you can download it right now!

Are you going to be taking a peek at these supplements?

"...the folks at Cubicle 7 also recently released a new adventure called Something Knocking"

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